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Author: Todd Sharp (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: May 31, 2009 11:07 PM
Version: 0.3.1
Views: 124,629
Downloads: 7,867
License: Apache License, Version 2


cfcFlexplorer is a tool for CFC introspection and testing. With cfcFlexplorer you simply modify an xml file which contains two variables: the server root directory and the directory from which to begin crawling for CFCs. Once the application recurses the directories it returns all CFCs (except application.cfc's and anything under cfide) into a navigation tree. From there you can navigate through the tree, selecting any component that you would like to see further information on. When a component is selected, the 'methods' grid is populated with all of the methods within that component. When a method is selected, all of the associated parameters for that method are populated into the 'parameters' grid. The parameters grid contains an addional editable column called 'value' which allows you to populate test values and invoke the component. When invoked, the application opens a new window which will dump the results of the call (if applicable). If your component has an init constructor, a checkbox is automatically populated and the init() function is called prior to invoking your component so that any necessary instance data is available to your call. (Note: If your constructor requires parameters, populate those in the param grid prior to calling your function).

You can now specify multiple applications in the settings.xml file to keep them seperate in the component tree. The component tree is now cached to increase performance. If you would like to keep the cache current, just create a scheduled task to recreate the external xml file at whatever frequency you'd like (see readme.doc).

Print Support:

Version 0.2 added print support. To print component documentation, select a component in the component tree and click the Flashpaper or PDF icon in the upper right corner.

Method Searching:

Version 0.2 also added filtering for the method grid. To search for a particular method, choose the attribute that you would like to search by and type your search term in the text box.


CF 7.0.2

Issue Tracker:

8 redirect in application.cfc's onApplicationStart never resolves. Open 10/11/07 7:07 PM
7 Link Open 04/05/07 10:41 AM
6 component dumps with void returns Open 03/25/07 11:12 PM
5 Several Erros with installation Open 02/22/07 11:42 AM
4 Search Box Open 11/21/06 12:03 PM

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